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Ryoma Echizen.... smart-assed. And damned adorable.

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Monday, 15/6/04

NOTE: "Bio" Section halfway done. Fanlistings not completed. Still under construction.

I know I haven't been updating my blog. I'm just trying to get it done. If you want to read about my daily entries... you can go to my LiveJournal account. The link is found in my "Bio" section. Add me and I'd add you back.

abandoned at 12:21am.

Wednesday, Vesak Day, 2/6/04

Okay... I know I haven't posted for very long. The [stolen from somewhere] chart kept disappearing, so I have to put it back again for the 4th time.

I just played tennis today. All I can say is that it's tougher than it looks. And fucking tiring. But it was pretty fun. I had to get used to the racket, which was pretty heavy, compared to a badminton one. My father started lecturing me, even though I tried telling him that it's the very first time I'm playing, and he has to teach me the basics instead of firing swerving balls at me (and expects me to catch it). I got blisters on my hand, because my grip on the net handle kept slipping off. I have a sudden respect for tennis players.

Holidays remain as boring as usual. When you're in school, you kept looking forward to the holidays. But when it finally arrives, it seems boring. Only my uncle's PS2 kept me busy. I completed half of Final Fantasy X without a guidebook. I kept making Tidus talk to Yuna. Here's something I did.


1. What does Wakka teach you when you first enter Besaid?
How to pray.

2. Who falls overboard on the boatride to Kilika?

3. What item does the destruction sphere get you in Kilika Temple?
A Red Armlet.

4. Who are your first blitzball match opponents?
The Al Bhed Psychics.

5. Who is the statue on the Road at Djose?
Maechen the Scholar.

6. Which aeon do you get at Djose Temple?

7. What do you ride on from Moonflow?

8. What happens at Guado Salam?
Seymour asks Yuna to marry him.

9. What helps the Crawler out when it attacks you?
A negator.

10. What does Wendigo do that makes him hard to beat?
Goes bersek.

abandoned at 12:34am.

Wednesday, 19/5/04

This is the second version of my original blog... The first version's template sucked, because there wasn't enough space for the tagboard and other stuff... I didn't like the other templates I found on the net, so I resorted to coding this one. Most of the stuff aren't up yet, like the links until I can actually find time to do it. READ MY BIO (if it's up and not under construction). All the damned html codes were driving me nuts, that's why my blog took so long. I hate the name too. So I'm probably changing it.

I had to steal time from doing homework to actually post something here. Since I haven't studied any Geography topics, I better get my ass onto it. This would probably be my last entry until two weeks later, when my exams/tests are over. Leave a message. And DO NO TYPE "RYOMA SUCKS".

abandoned at 2:58pm.

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